Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How I Make Friends

As if there was any question, I feel that books are the absolute best way to make friends.  I have made so many connections with the most amazing and random of people because of books.  I know we can be friends if you fulfill any of these requirements.

1. I see you read a book...pretty much anybody who reads can be my friend.

2.  I see you read a book that I love and you seem to love it too...then we will probably be best friends.

3.  You recommend a book to me we can be  friends

4.  You recommend a book to me 'cause as soon as you read it you knew I would love it because (insert awesome reason here)...we will probably be best friends.

5.  You quote literature at opportune moments, you can be my friend

6.  You use books, quotes, characters and settings to describe everyday life you will probably be my best friend.

7. You discuss books with me, you can be my friend.

8 You argue, gush, theorize, fanfic and parse out every iota of a book...you are gonna be my best friend.

9.  You go see a movie based on a book and put up with  my unending criticism...you can be my friend.

10. You go see a movie based on a book, in costume, at the midnight showing and actively help me record all the absurd departures from the beloved book while simultaneously secretly loving the movie...you are gonna be my bestie.

11.  You think taking me out to coffee at a bookstore is a perfect date...you can be my boyfriend.

12.  You constantly search out every library, bookshop and book event in a 500 mile radius, stand in line for half a day to get my book signed, hand over pretty much every shelf to my collection and constantly feed my literary addiction...I'm probably gonna marry you!

If you find your self in need of some extra literary friends, just follow these helpful tips and you too will find a friend...or if your lucky a bosom friend (anybody who gets this reference is automatically my best friend ever!)  Happy Reading Everybody!

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