Thursday, March 31, 2016

Reading For Myself

Lately I have noticed that my reading list has become a bit of a chore.  Because of the blog I feel like I have to read a certain variety of books, or a planned sequence of books, or read the book with a certain slant to make a coherent rambling.  Lately this mind set has diminished my ability to just grab a book that suits my mood and dive in.  I find that this is a hazard of turning something you love into a job.  So I decided to just say screw it and read what I want when I want.  This has helped me rediscover the whole reason why reading is such an essential part of my being.  I have to remember that as much as I love writing this blog, as much fun it is to discuss my current reads ad nauseam and how great it is for my brain to exercise it's creative strength with writing, that if I am not getting what I personally need from my books, then this blog is pretty worthless.  Anyways thanks for listening to my wandering thoughts today.  Hopefully my future rambles will be better for my new mindset.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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