Friday, January 1, 2016

This Year I Will...

Ok time for some literary New Year Resolutions.  A few of these may sound familiar, but hey if at first you don't succeed...pour a glass of wine and read again.

1.  As my nephew Lil G would say, I need to get off the videos.  I find myself lamenting my lack of reading time, yet spend an insane amount of time in front of some sort of screen.  This year I am going to try and set out at least an hour if I can most days to read.  This shouldn't be hard as I love love love reading (obviously), but I just need to keep better rack of my time.

2.  I need to find all of my books.  This year I have bought, been given, or been loaned a ton of books.  The problem is I'm not exactly sure where I stashed most of them (this would not be a problem if I had more book shelves my sweet Hubbin).  So I need to scour the house and find all of these cool books and read them.

3.  I want to find and read some of the older books that I have discovered through various means.  To often my selections are based on what is screaming at me from the book store shelf and I know there are a ton of older books that I am dying to discover out there so I need to make a conserted effort to find them.

This is what I am going to attempt in my reading life this year...we will see how it goes.  Let me know what your literary resolution is.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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