Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ch Ch Ch Changes

It is that time of year again, the time I re-evaluate my blog and blogging stuff and see what I want to do different in the coming year.  This year is gonna be some significant changes and I thought I would give you all a heads up and invite some input if you so desire.
1.  As I am sure you've noticed, and as I have mentioned, my work schedule is all over the place.  Some days I don't see my bed for 48 hours and as much as i love you all I just don't have it in me to come home and write a good post.  Therefore the biggest change this year is that this will no longer be a daily blog.  I will still try and get as many post up as possible and some weeks it may be every day and some weeks there might only be two or three, keep checking 'cause I will still be writing.

2.  Better quality posts is my goal for this year.  In the interest of trying to maintain this as a daily blog I have noticed I do a lot of quick, pointless repetitive posts that really don't say or contribute much.  I am going to try and focus on stuff that actually matters to me, or that has struck my fancy, or I really want to write about, and a lot less of throwing up a quick stock photo with my "I'm so tired" excuse so yeah, better quality.

3.  I am also working on a new format for my ramblings.  This will be a lot different from my current format and hopefully be a bit more coherent without interrupting what my friends and family call my "you sound just like yourself when you write" style...'cause I like the idea that myself comes through.  I think the new format will allow me to focus in more on the things I personally liked, disliked or found intriguing about any number of things.  I will start using this format as soon as I get all the logistics worked out.
Hopefully these changes will make for a better, more interesting blog and allow me to really take the time I need to work, read and really get some decent writing done.  If anybody has any other suggestions I am open to all advice...may not take it, but am willing to listen.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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