Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Rambling Guide

Hola Readers!  Here is a quick guide to how I'm gonna attempt to do my ramblings from now on to try and make them a bit more coherent...if that is even possible :-)
Intro - This will be similar to before, with me kind of introducing the book and the reason I read it.

Synopsis - Again not to different from before.  It will still be full of spoilers and spelling/grammer errors, but I am going to attempt to keep them shorter and more concise.

The next section will be my thoughts on various subjects related to the book.  A few I will always have, the rest will be utilized on a book by book basis.

World Building - This is where I will evaluate the setting and world that the author tried to create.  I will talk about what the setting is and how much impact it had on the story...this is also where I will rant about implausibilities.

Story - This category is where I talk about the story, if I liked it, if I felt it was well written or original or a piece of smelly doodoo.  I have yet to figure out how to put into words the importance of the story, or how I evaluate a story, so bear with me while I try and find my big girl words.

Character - This is the place I give a general impression of the characters, were they awesome, were they stock, did they contribute to the story, did I feel like I was introduced to a character, or were they crammed down my throat?  I might mention a favorite here, or one that drove me particularly crazy, but if I really feel strongly they will probably get their own category.

Editing - The more I read, the more important this category becomes.  In a world with self-published books becoming ever more present, the presence or lack of good editing becomes very apparent.  I feel a good story can be ruined by bad editing, and an ok book made great by an editor who understands how to do their job.  Over all this category will be how I feel about the format, pacing and how well it feels the editor and author worked together...or if self published how well the author edited themselves.

Misc. - I can have as many or as few of these as I need to try and get my usually varied and conflicting feeling about any particular tome across.  These categories will be where I ramble about something that struck me in a way either good or bad, a side note, a character or situation that stuck with me, or pretty much anything I want.

Overall Impression - This is where I will try and give a quick and succinct summation of my impression of the book and recommendations to those who may like it.

Score- Again pretty basic, just my 1-10 score of my overall like of the book, but here is a quick breakdown of numbers

  0- Did not finish 'cause I just couldn't deal with it...this one is super rare and the only reason I would even ramble about a book I didn't finish is if I felt like there was something so horrific about it that I would have to share.

 1-5 These are books I did not enjoy for various reasons.  The variance in the score will come on the amount of qualities of the book I did not hate, or had potential.  Any book with a score this low will never be read again and probably be mocked.

6-7 Books with this score are good solid books, not my favorite books, but good solid books.  These are the books I'm glad I read, but may or may not read again, or they are just not my particular cup of tea or they had one major problem area in an otherwise good book.

8-9 These are great books.  These books will be reread and probably have some sort of gushing in the rambling.  They are not perfect, but they are awesome and are going to be my favorites.  These books usually score high in all of my special categories and the things that annoy me usually do not overshadow the book as a whole.

10 - My absolute favoritst books in the whole wide universe!  These books do not have to follow any of the above rules and usually just stick with me regardless.  I have very few 10 books, even most of my favorites don't attain 10's but every once in a while, a book just burrows into my head and heart and becomes family.

This for the moment is my quick guide to my ever changing ramblings.  Hopefully this will force me to order my thoughts in a bit more cohesive manner and really get across what I like, don't like or intrigues me about a book.  We shall see if this experiment works and I reserve the right to make any and all changes I think I need to.  However I would most defiantly appreciate feed back on what works and what doesn't work, what you like about the new vs old and old vs new.
Happy Reading Everybody!

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