Thursday, January 14, 2016

Writing Desk

I need a writing desk.  I need one to write this blog and become famous and successful...because I heard that is how it works...if you have a great writing desk you win...I might be a little tired...somebody send me one of these and lets see what happens.
Multidrawer desk
I LOVE all the little drawers...don't know what I would put in them...but I love them
Palm Beach Curved Desk
I could write the prettiest books on this pretty desk
Contemporary Writing Desk
I feel more creative just looking at this desk.
Antique Victorian Desk
For writing it old school
Portable Desk
For on the road
I am positive that possessing any of these fine desks would be very helpful in my reading and writing "career" so anybody who assists me with this acquisition will be mentioned in some sort of literary note.  Ok I'm going to bed now.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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