Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Book Is Falling

One of the hazards of my job...well my life in general, is that any down time I get seems to me struggling to stay awake long enough to read a couple of pages.  This usually results in a couple of things.  One, I get really strange dreams incorporating snippets of what ever I tried to read in various strange ways (this can actually be kind of cool sometimes) and two, my books fall off the bed.
This is sad 'cause while I am all for using my books to there fullest, it is still sad to wake up and peek over the edge of my bed and see  my book sprawled open on the floor.  Sometimes if I am lucky, Hubbin comes in and gets the book before it falls, but then I wake up in a panic 'cause I can't find my book.  I'm not sure what this post is about, or what I'm trying to say really, just that I wish I had more time to read and that I could skip sleep more often.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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