Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Here are some random facts/thoughts from me about this blog that I have discovered over the years.  Some of them sound like whining, but they are just part of the process I promise :-)
1. I started this blog completely on impulse.  I literally sat down one day, designed and wrote the first week of posts in about 3 hours.

2.  The main reason for the blog was to give my poor Hubbin a break from my epic book ramblings, thoughts, musings and general blather that would last for days and only have nominal coherency...oddly enough he is one of my most consistent readers, love ya Hubbin!

3.  The blog makes me read books in a different way.  I now usually am writing the rambling in my head as I read, this makes for a completely different experience from before the blog.

4.  The post I write in my head is rarely anything at all like what actually gets posted, between my head and my typing the words come out completely differently.

5.  I sometimes want to rewrite all my ramblings, or add 100 different ramblings for the same book

6.  Sometimes I am so tired with my real life that I hate this blog.

7.  Sometimes I am so tired with my real life that this blog is the best thing I have.

8.  I get anxious when I feel like I won't have a book t ramble about...usually happens when my life is crazy and I don't have any time to read, but somehow it always works out that I finish a book just in time.

9.  Sometimes I read a book with no intention of rambling about it for several reasons.

10.  I can't spell and my grammar is horrific...even with spell check.

11.  I like to change up the look of the blog at the most random times because chaos appeals to me.

12.  I like to go back and read my own posts.

13.  I am still amazed at how much books make my life better, happier, easier, saner and richer.  This blog reminds me on a regular basis how lucky I am to be able to read what I want, when I want and and have any opinion about any book that I so desire.

Now you know a bit how and why I feel about my own blog.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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