Monday, July 20, 2015

Family Book Club

My whole entire family reads, my parents read, my siblings read, my in-laws read, my nephews read, we all read and it is awesome.  The best part of this extended reading family is that my life has turned into a bit of a family book club.  We call each other all excited when we have read a great new book, laugh when we realize that we have already read it, buy each other a book that they just have to read ('cause none of us shares our books very well we always buy each other our very own copies), are thrilled when we agree on books, get upset when we don''s all rather hilarious really.
Many memories my family has is based around books, being read to, library time, group reads.  Now that my family has grown to include in-laws and nephews, the book memories have as well.  I now have literary moments with all of my nephews forever happily etched in my brain, discussions with my brothers and sisters in law who have added a ton of variety to my approach to reading, and a mother and father in law who avidly support my literary habits in various ways.  I love this shared pool of books, reading and memories I have with all of these people whom I love so much.  It makes a wonderful thing like reading all that much better.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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