Thursday, October 2, 2014

Catching Up

Hello All and welcome to my BIRTHDAY MONTH!  The month where the whole world does what I say, sends me books and leaves me alone so I can read my books.  Of course there is more to life then my birthday (or so they tell me) so this post is all about catching up so we can start our month of awesome!  I made it back from my lil sis's wedding in one piece.  I had a great time with my whole entire family and had some great times with my nephews.  Baby L is obsessed with books and melted his aunties book worm heart when he started kissing every page that we read.  Me and Lil G agreed to start reading Peter Pan over Skype, which is fitting because I call him my little Peter Pan.  I also got a great book related gift from my Mamma, which I will show off once I have it installed.  I finished a couple of books on my way back and realized when I got home that my To Be Rambled pile is getting as tall as my To Be Read pile so get ready for some of the following rambles.
Along with attempting to get some of these ramblings done, we of course have to move on to our October spooky reading.  This year I think I am mostly gonna focus on spooky stories, mostly in a short story form, so keep an eye out for those interspersed through out the next month.  Also if you have any good suggestions for some good old fashioned ghost stories, send them right over.  Ok I'm gonna go get some of this done before I start my next set of 14 hour shifts, wish me luck!

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