Friday, September 21, 2012

Small Space Big Ideas

I have done a dream library post about the big sprawling stuffed to the gills with a zillion books dream space I will someday obtain.  I also realize that most people don't have rooms with ceilings so high you need a ladder to reach the bookshelf installed there. Here are some incredible little book nooks for people with a more limited space.
Closet Nook
Love this nifty little hideaway, can be done in almost any house/apt/condo.
Under Bed Shelf
Perfect, especially if you already shove half of your books under the bed :-)
Wall Nook
This would be great in a guest room or computer room where you might need the room to be multi-purpose
Window Seat Nook
I am a sucker for window seats, and this could be scaled to almost any size.
Teepee Nook
Sometimes you just can't modify your living space, so this portable nook is a perfect little get away spot.

Where do you like to go and read?  Are you cramped for space, or do get to have bookshelves with a ladder?  If every wall, floor, surface you own is covered in books, does that make your whole house the library or just the home of a crazy person?

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