Monday, March 13, 2017

Soaking It All In

I LOVE a good bath.  I love being immersed in hot water with the perfect seasonal bubble bath, sipping a beverage and of course reading a good book.  Unfortunately I have been spoiled rotten at my old house and the bathtub at our new house is just not up to my exacting standards.   Lucky for me, we own this house and can upgrade!  Here are some epic tubs that I am looking at to enhance my soaking experience
Claw Foot Tub
I have a thing for these old fashioned claw foot bathtubs.  In fact on our Great Redwood Trip, one of the awesome parts was soaking in a tub like this.

Kyoto Ofuro Soaking Tub
Seriously though, there is nothing not to love about this tub!
Dark Patina Tub
This totally looks like something straight out of a book...I want it
Copper Bath
I love the borderline medieval feel of this I just need some fine strapping lads to fill it for me...

Steampunk Tub
Seriously we are probably gonna do the bathroom in a steampunk this is pretty much perfect.

Obviously the options for tubs are pretty much limited only by our imagination and budget.  I seriously can't wait until I have a tub that fits my soaking/reading needs.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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