Thursday, March 23, 2017


All right folks, this is gonna be short and sweet.  I'm pretty frustrated right now 'cause I have gotten very little reading in as of late.  This follows a couple weeks where I was doing pretty well so it makes it all that much more frustrating.  To top it off my insomnia has been kicking in hard core.  Normally my lack of sleep has the side effect of allowing me some extra reading time, this cycle though has not been nice and I have not been able to concentrate enough to get any real reading in.
 I'm assuming this is because of the fact that I have been working at least 10 hour days...and often 24-72 hour days for the last three weeks...sigh.  Oh well, I just have to get through this epic weekend (working from Friday night to Monday morning) and I should be able to refocus and get some quality reading time in.  Until then, Happy Reading Everybody!

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