Monday, January 30, 2017

So Helpful...

I once again have a sever case of writers block.  Because of that I asked my usually smart and savvy Hubbin for some suggestions for today's post.  Here is what he came up with.

Ancient Aliens and how they time travel and further their agenda by setting up things for the future so people would know and not know.

Rouge Aliens that fly around and precipitate "sightings".

Pyramids...built by aliens.

Things you can only see from the sky.

Pictures of people talking on cell phones long before they were invented.

Decoding alien codes so we can communicate with future self aliens.

Stupid Endgame

Needless to say, my darling spouse is not being to helpful right now.  Also I should probably limit his Netflix account...and maybe hide his H.P. Lovecraft books...Anyways I'm gonna go read for a while and hope I am inspired to write a more coherent
and book oriented post next time.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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