Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Read Reading Read

You guys!!!!  I am on a roll...well kind of...I mean a little bit.  Anyways I have finally gotten some legit reading time in and have either finished, or am in the middle of or close to finishing a bunch of really thought provoking books.  I have at least one I LOVE, one I, not quite hated, but definitely did not like, I have one that has me on the fence and a whole pile to go!  So here is my problem...which one do I ramble about first?  Which one is more important, which one inspires me?  Do you want to hear me rant, or ramble?  And the most important question of I want to quit reading to take the time to write some really great rambles?!?   Seriously though, this is one of the downfalls of writing this blog.  I have all these amazing books (both good, bad and unknown) that are being read, or waiting to be read.  I finish these wonders and then my head gets all excited about the rambling...then I pick up the next book in the stack and POOF all thoughts of stopping to write a post just go away.  Later though when I'm thinking about it, I wish I had written the post sooner...and now I am probably making less sense then usual...anyways just know that there are some ramblings coming just as soon as I can make myself put the books down...and the chaos incarnate that is my life gives me a moment to breath. What I really need is somebody to listen to me verbally go nuts about these books, then write a coherent post about them lol.   Happy Reading Everybody!

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