Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Groceries And Books

Hola readers, how is everybody today?  I am absolutley exhausted.  Just got off a 52 hour shift at the fire house where I got to remember how much I love being an EMT.  Before getting to go to sleep, Hubbin reminded me that we probably should hit the grocery store so that I would have some food and wine when I woke up.  You want to know the best thing about grocery shopping?  It's right next to a Barnes and Nobles...one that has coffee in it!  So pretty much every time we go grocery shopping, we stop for coffee first.
 And since we are already in a book store...yeah.  This has the wonderful effect of making the mundane chore of grocery shopping into a rewarding book and coffee acquiring trip.  Not so great on my bank account, awesome for my bookshelves!  Hope you all have a place to pick up books while doing mundane errands.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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