Monday, December 19, 2016

Oh Reading Tree Oh Reading Tree

Hi All!  FINALLY got a day off, first one over two weeks.  Got some reading done, got some shopping done and now I am finally in the holiday spirit.  To continue this holiday cheer, here are some super cool tree's decorated in a theme most literary.
Jane Austin Tree
I like the combination of little books and ornaments on this tree
Harry Potter Tree
I love this tree on so many levels, the cauldron base, the Hogwarts train and track, floating candles.  To make it even better it was built by the writer of one of my favorite blogs!  Go check out the detail pics.
Narnia Tree
It's a book, it's Christmas tree, it's all themed to my favorite book in the whole entire world....I seriously don't think it gets any better then this!
Lord of the Rings Tree
This tree just makes me smile...I think the giant spider with the book is what really makes this fantasy themed tree special.
Shakespeare Tree
All kinds of Shakespearen goodies on this tree.  I would love to sit next it and explore all the various items on it!

Ok folks, here is our quick dose of Christmas cheer, more to come including a holiday rambling later in the week.  Happy Reading Everbody!

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