Thursday, December 15, 2016

Here A Page There A Page

Not sure if I've mentioned it yet, but I've got a new job as a nanny for my nephews E and N. It's an interesting experience and I'm never gonna be upset about spending time with my boys so, so far all good.  One of the things that  I never realized...though I am sure any full time caretaker would probably already know this...but sometimes watching small people gets a bit boring.  Seriously one more episode of Dugee and I may lose it lol.
Anyways, lucky for me technology has come to rescue and I have learned to keep a book open on my phone at all times.  It's actually really great, while I am pooping the kids lunch in the oven, or watching them bounce in the bouncy, or build an epic building I can sneak a page or two in.  I also have the advantage of being a super fast reader so I can get a couple pages in fairly quickly.  Since its super easy to pick up and put down my indestructible phone I can still pay plenty of attention to the little guys.  So far in the last week and a half I've gotten three or four chapters read so YAY ME!  At this rate I might actually get a couple extra books in this year...Also gives me an excuse to buy more books online...oh darn.  Happy Reading Everybody!!!!!

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