Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Yesterday was election day.  We now have the results and regardless of how you voted you can at least know you did what you could to make your voice heard. did vote didn't you?  Voting is so very important, even in elections that may seem ridiculous.  What does this have to do with reading you may ask.  I tell you it has everything to do with reading.  We live in a country (or at least I do...if you don't live in the US then this post is probably not very applicable...) where we can walk into a bookstore or log on to the internet and pretty much pick up and book we want.  We can write any book we want.  We can sell any book we want.  We can own, rent, loan or give any book we want. We can do all this without fear of imprisonment, fines or repercussions other then the
occasional ridicule from pretentious book bloggers.  The reason we can do this is because we continually exercise our right to vote.  We need to use this right to maintain our voice, our freedoms and our ability to educate our selves, to entertain our selves, to discover new ideas and in all honesty I find books a very effective way to do this.  We need to always be on guard to make sure complacency does not result in leadership that curbs these rights.  I never want to have to live here and not be able to pick up any book I want.  I always want the ability to read anything and everything.  For this reason, no matter how difficult it may be to make myself vote for one of the candidates I know at the very least I have to go and write in a choice, because if I don't use my right to make some sort of choice I know I will quickly lose it.  So please, for the sake of my bookshelves vote!  Happy Reading Everybody!

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