Friday, November 18, 2016

This Is Taking Forever

So.  I am like 100 or so pages away from finally finishing a book that I swear I started when I was like 7.  Do ever run into a book like this?  This book in particular is over 1000 pages long and while it is very good and very interesting...I don't think it is ever gonna end.  I run into this problem on occasion as I love all books, and big books are no exception.  It is also books like this that give me a reason to read more then one book at a time...'cause no matter how good a book is about a week or so in I just need a change of pace.  Big books also help me keep my ego in check, especially dense
books that I actually have to pay attention to.  I get all high and mighty and proud of myself for my reading speed and comprehension then BAM my big fat book takes me down a peg.  Eventually I get sick of the unfinished book mocking me then I do what I have been doing this week and buckle down and finish.  The unfortunate side effect is nothing else gets read, hence the lack of ramblings.  However I shall not be defeated so you can all look forward to a rambling on this epic book and then hopefully back to my book a week routine.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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