Thursday, November 3, 2016

I Want A Rewrite

Nothing makes annoys me more then a book that should have been awesome.  I am talking about those books that have a great premise, and amazing world, or just really good writing but somehow still fall short in the execution phase.  I don't know if it is just that I read so much that I have gotten insanely picky about what I consider a good book (Hubbin calls me a book snob) or that I just have a very specific sense of what I think a book should be...I don't know.  Anyways there are many times (as I am sure going through my ramblings will show you) that I really want to like a book, or that there is an aspect of the book I really enjoyed...but the book still ends up with a 4-6 rating.  These are books that I have decided need a re-write.  What does this mean?  Let me give you an example...I'll use the Twilight Saga series...mostly 'cause most people know at least the basic plot of the book even if they haven't read it themselves.  I have read the four original books in the series for two reasons, a) I can't ramble/rant about books I haven't read and b) I kept wanting these books to get better 'cause the idea was pretty spot on.
I actually very much enjoyed the idea of these books, a vampire family that comes from different times and places living together as a family unit doing it's best to fit in.  The girl who "discovers" them gives the author the chance to show us how they use their immortal time.  Pretty cool.  Unfortunately the ridiculous saccharine girl in distress theme and the over the top immortal/teenage/shaggy dog love triangle make this series almost unreadable.  I desperately want to go back and rewrite this possibly intriguing and complex story to it's full potential.  I feel this way about a lot of books I read.  Some times I find myself rewriting the story in my head long after I have finished the book.  Sometimes I take it in a new direction, sometimes I expound on a particular character or aspect of the world,  sometimes I even combine books in my head to make the perfect Frankenstein monster of a story.  I guess in some ways this is where we get fan fiction, a place where people take what they love about a book or story and turn it into their own perfect version.  I also understand that what I think would make a perfect story is not necessarily what other people would want to read.  Anyways, I guess as long as I am still thinking about at least some aspect of a book the author did their job to some degree.  I will continue looking for those great books and in between I shall be re-writing them in my head and probably slipping some of that into my ramblings.  Let me know what books you think need a re-write.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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