Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Slide Onto My Bookshelf

How that I have completely covered all available wall space in bookshelves, I feel like I need to look into more options that help me pack more books into my space.  The solution seems to be sliding bookshelves, they allow me to layer up while still having access to all my lovely books.  Here are a few options that I have seen.
Sliding Into The Wall Shelves
I'm pretty sure this is a dream scenario, pulling out racks and racks of books for my own personal reading pleasure, YES PLEASE!
Closet Sliding Shelves
It's like a closet full of bookshelves!  Every time you move one door there is another behind it.
Sliding Door Shelves
With these door/shelves I can now use that pesky open space between rooms as book storage WOOHOO!
Folding Closet Bookshelf
Another pesky waste of space conquered!  Also combines my love of books and clothes so bonus!
Slide Case
A slightly more practical version of slide shelving, but with these I could at least double my book storage without too much extra space.

I shall continue to explore extra book storage options.  Anybody who has any suggestions is more then welcome to pass them along.  Happy Reading Everybody! 

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