Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Birthday Surprise Of Awesome!

AHHHHHH MY HUBBIN IS THE BESTEST HUBBIN EVER!!!!!  I just got surprised with a birthday trip to California to go hiking in the redwoods and visit the west coast nephews.  AND he bought me a stack of books to take with me. To make this trip even better there is all kinds of built in reading time.  I am seriously so excited.  The only downside to all of this is that I will literally be coming home from the fire station, taking a shower and hopping on an airplane to cross the whole country.
 All this after about 30 hours on my other ambulance.  Pretty much what I am trying to say is posting will be spotty at best for the next week.  I will instead be reading, hiking and soaking up all the west coast goodness while I can.  BUT when I get back and settled there will be posting galore!  I hope you are all having as great a week as I am.  Happy Reading Everybody!!!!

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