Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Reading With Giants

I' BACK!!!!! Did you all miss me?  What?!?  You didn't even notice I was gone?  Eh I guess that's fair.  My super birthday trip of awesome was about as perfect as it could possibly be.  There was hiking, there was driving, there was shopping, there was playing, there was drinking, there was eating and most important of all there was READING!!!!!!  Seriously though.  This trip is exactly what I needed to get my head back in the game.  Here are some brief highlights.
Reading break by the river

Reading inside of a living hollowed out giant of a redwood tree

The site where I am going to build my giant library house

Utter epicness

Inspiration for almost every book ever

Reading time in the tub of relaxation and happiness

Natural reading throne...also super comfy!

So so so so so so big!

Just 'cause I think this is super cool.
The trip was absolutely amazing.  It got my imagination all fired up.  I got to finish a couple of books, including one from beginning to end.  I got to spend time with people I love.  Mostly I got to run away and just be.  Thank you so so so so so so much to my amazing Hubbin who put the most perfect of birthday trips together for me!!!  Happy Reading Everybody!

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