Friday, October 28, 2016

Decor Of The Literary And Spooky

It's almost Halloween!!! Time for ghoulies and ghosties and some book themed spooky decor for your next fabulous book themed costume party of Halloween epicness!

Poe Wreath
An atmospheric and classic way to greet your guests.
Pumpkin Book
I love books, I love pumpkins...I love this idea!
Boo Banner
Printed on some ghost stories this decor also keeps your guests entertained!
Spell Book
I cast a spell on leave me alone so I can keep reading!
Pretty Books
Even our books like to get up for Halloween, so let a couple put on these printable covers and join the party!

Ok, now that I have given you all some idea's I need somebody to have a party so I can come dressed as one of my many favorite book characters and have a rousing literary discussion!  Happy Reading Everybody!

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