Thursday, September 1, 2016

Messy Books

We all know that I am the ultimate bibliophile.  Oddly enough though most of my books are pretty messy and beat up.   I bring my books with me everywhere, to work, to vacation, to road trips, to the bathtub, to the pool...pretty much everywhere.  They get tossed in my back back, under my bed, the back of my truck.  I know a ton of fellow bibliophiles who would never dog ear a page and do their best to keep their books in pristine condition...yeah me, not so much.  I dog ear my pages, I write in
the margins and in the back of books all the time.  There are always drips of coffee or a splotch of rain.  I like my books messy though.  It reminds me of when and where I read them.  When I open up my book from our cruise I smell sea salt and coconut oil and am immediately taken back to a happy place.  My books are a part of my life, they go with me everywhere and I am not ashamed that they are as marked by my life as I am.  Now that being said, I do have some very special and very beautiful books that are cared for as if they are priceless treasures...which to me they are.  These however are the exception.  In summation my books are like me, used, traveled, messy and alive.  So if you ever stop by my bookshelves and start flipping through my books, look for the marks of life on them and know that these books have lived life along with their current owner.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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