Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Words From Head To Toe

I love shopping, I love reading and I love is a way to show my love of all three in an entire outfit devoted to the written word.

Hat Books
Starting with the top, this stylish book hat will let the world know that you love books...and big hats.
Pride and Prejudice Scarf
Wearing this classic scarf not only makes you look elegant...but gives you something to read at the bus stop.
Sherlock Holmes
There are about a bajillion amazing awesome book shirts to choose from...seriously you could wear a different one every day of your life and never repeat...also saves on laundry
Peter Pan Writing Gloves
These gloves will keep your palms and wrists warm and literary while leaving your fingers free to write the next great American (or whatever country your from) novel.
Book Pants
These are the perfect pants to snuggle up and read in...also for the record there are way more books about pants then there are pants with books on them.
Bookworm Socks
I have these, they are awesome, they make everything better, that is all.
Book Lover Shoes
I am loving these shoes that are both stylish and readable!  Just don't get caught out in the rain...

Ok so this should be enough to get you started on your literary wardrobe...just try not to spend to much time reading yourself ok?  Happy Reading Everybody!

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