Friday, September 23, 2016

Job Hunting

Just when I get my life under some sort of semblance of lesser chaos, all sorts of things like to get turned on their head.  What that means for me is back to job hunting...which is so not my favorite thing.  See I find job hunting to be tedious and boring, there are plenty of jobs in my field, its just the lather rinse repeat business of typing all my info over and over, attaching my certs over and over,
staring at jobs wondering if I actually already applied for this job or not...over and over.  To break up the tedium I have made a deal with my self.  For every job I apply to, I get to read one chapter of my far I'm up to 4 applications and about 10 chapters...yeah not so good at putting down the book lol.  Anyways if anybody needs me I'll be the girl with the computer in front of her face and a book in her lap.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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