Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How To Make A Better Day In 10 Easy Steps

Soooo's been a long four days and I am finally home for the next 24 hours.  I am tired, sore, hungry gross and in desperate need of a distraction.  Lucky for me I know just how to do that.
1. Take a long hot shower
2. Put on comfy clothes (unless your home alone then you can skip this step...just make sure the curtains are closed).
3. Pour the wine
4.  Pour some more wine 'cause who are we kidding here we know we are gonna drink it all.
5. Grab a book
6. Grab a couple more books just in case 'cause who knows how long it will be before we move again.
7. Go pee...'cause see above step
8. Turn off your phone...well turn off the ringer...well promise your self you will only answer if it is really really important...or Johnny Depp...or Thor..or that cute neighbor...
9. Read, drink, dream
10. Repeat until all better.
Happy Reading Everybody!

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