Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Perfect Curl Up Chair

Now that I am back home, I get to continue to work on my never ending quest for the perfect book nook.  Today I need to find the perfect chair to place in the center of all that great bookiness.  Let's explore some ideas shall we?

Blue Book Chair
One of my fire house book club chica's found this for me...unfortunately I can't find an origin place for it so if anybody can tell me where to find it...

Amelie French Country Grey Literary Script Tufted Accent Chair
Besides having to learn French, I love this chair because of it's unique yet classic shape.  I also like that it is a bit more neutral so I can repaint my nook as many colors as I want...and with my love of change that is probably gonna happen a lot.

Hollow Chair
A comfy chair with the added bonus of not having to get up to start my next book!

Isaac Chaise French Chaise
Sadly this discontinued chaise lounge would have been the perfect combination of comfort and style for my nook...of course if I bat my eyelashes hard enough maybe I can convince them to bring it back!

Cuddle Circle Lounge Chair
How incredibly comfy does this chair look?!?  I can totally see myself curled up in this with my fuzzy blanket and a cup of coffee reading the hours away...and it's red so bonus!

These are just a few of the zillions of awesome chairs that are out there.  Of course with money a consideration I will probably have to reign it in, but a girl can dream.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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