Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Packing Up The Library

Started packing up all of my books today.  I was going to wait until a little bit closer to the move, but realized that as I started packing up the first round of books in the spare room...it takes me forever.  See, I can't just grab a handful of books and put them into boxes.  Apparently I have to open every book, read the back cover, scan through the book, exclaim over how I forgot I had this particular book (between Hubbin and I we have over 700 books and counting).
Sometimes I even start actually reading the book and totally forget that I am packing in the first place.  With the amount of books I have this makes for a potentially very time consuming task.  This is why even though I'm not moving for over a month I am still gonna go ahead and start packing the tomes now.  Of course if all my books are packed I'll have to buy more to read until we move and then a couple more to read until I unpack the books...that is completely reasonable right?!?

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