Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Money Money Money

With all the potential house buying going on all I can think about is how many books I could buy with the money we are spending.  That got me thinking...what are the most expensive books out there.  Here is a list of a few outrageously expensive tomes.
Codex Leicseter
This book tops the list at a sell price of 30.8 million USD!  That's like a bajillion paper backs, or half a bajillion hardbacks!  It is a one of a kind collection of the amazing Leonardo da Vinci's notes and to be honest I would probably pay that much just to turn the pages of this one of a kind tome.  Possibly the best  book ever so far.

Rothschild Prayerbook 
This beautifully illuminated prayer book was sold for a whopping 13.4 million USD.  This book is not only a literary prize, but is absolutely beautiful in it's hand painted illustrations.  This book reminds me how much of a piece of art a book can be on so many levels.

The Canerbury Tales
The first edition of this ancient short story collection sold for 7.5 million USD.  I actually totally understand spending the big bucks for this original of such a well known classic.  I feel like history would be tangible if you owned this priceless edition.

Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories & Tragedies (a.k.a. First Folio)
So...yeah...the 6.1 million USD paid for this is a steal in my opinion.  I adore my buddy Shakespeare and to have this first folio in my hot little hands would be worth...well WAAAAAY more then I could afford...still a girl can dream.

The Gutenberg Bible
This game changing book sold for 4.9 million USD and to me is probably one of the most historically important works in the literary world.  It is the reason we have mass produced books and it is what enables non billionairs such as myself  to be the obsessive reader that I am.  To top it off it is also the most popular book in the yeah super valuable.

The Tales of  Beedle the Bard
An extremely limited (only 7 were made) handmade version of this special book was created and only one was available for sale.  This single book was auctioned off at an astounding 3.9 million USD with all of the money going to The Children's Voice charity campaign.  I love that this beloved series was able to not only contribute to the literary world, but to a real world cause as well.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
This is one of my absolute favorite books for so many crazy I guess spending 1.54 million USD for a first addition is totally reasonable...right?  Can you imagine holding one of the first editions of one of the most recognized books in recent history?!?

So just in case there was any question, if I won the lottery I would pretty much just go around buying every first edition of my favorite books I could get my hands on.  I also think every should send me 10$ to go into my outrageously priced yet totally worth it book fund.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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