Monday, June 27, 2016

Angry Reading

It has not been a fun couple of day...In fact it has been a down right crappy week.  One of the ways I get my self through weeks like this is to brutally throw myself into books.  I usually like to choose sci-fi or fantasy or something that is completely different from my current life as a way to escape.  Unfortunately my crazy brains sometimes finds it hard to focus on the words on the page when I have so much stuff rumbling through it.  This is when I switch to what I call angry reading mode.  This is where I actually exert a fair amount of effort to shove all the stupid to the side and do my best to let the book take me away.  I usually will pick up one of my go to favorites so that I don't have to add ire over a badly written book to my list of grievances.  Lucky for me, even though it takes a bit of effort, this trick usually will help me escape and can even calm me down for the most part.  So here is to a better week next week.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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