Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Hard Part

Hi folks, this is gonna be a weird post, not directly related to reading, but this is what is going on right now.  This weekend I lost a sister in blue.  I did not know her, it was her first night on duty and she was killed by a gunshot.  Two brothers in blue who where with her were also shot and wounded and are guys who have had my back and others in Fire and Rescue on numerous occasions.  These are the gals and guys who have my back on any call I may need them, they put themselves in harms way to keep me and my team safe and this weekend they payed a grievous price to do it.  I just want to use this moment and this post to make sure I always remember that this job, this life is about all of us, that defending the weak and having your peoples backs is not just something you read about in your favorite adventure book, it is something that happens in real life.  That when people get hurt and die in books you can put it down and move on...but it happens for real too and the hurt is real.
I am uplifted by the outpouring of support from pretty much everywhere and everyone in this hard time and am glad that we can all come together to support the people most affected by yet another seemingly senseless act of violence.  I encourage everybody to hold their loved ones tight, maybe read an extra book to the littles before bedtime, thank a person in uniform for their service and then go live your life to the absolute best of your ability.  This is how you honor family, friends and strangers who are willing to go that little extra bit.  Rest easy sister and know we have it from here.
Happy Reading Everybody!

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