Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Firehouse Book Club

As if my firehouse wasn't awesome enough, a sort of impromptu reading club has spontaneously formed.  A core group of us from various battalions and such have started reading, sharing and recommending books to each other.  Eventually it gets to the point most of us have read the same book and then we gather around the dinner table excitedly talking over each about our love/hate/eh of the books until we are interrupted by a call.
It is awesome to walk  into my bunk and find a book on my bed, or get a text that a new book is waiting for me in my locker, or have an eager fellow EMT/Firefighter flag me down in the hall with a new "you HAVE to read this" book in hand.  This is my favorite thing about reading, you can ALWAYS find somebody else who shares that joy, and to find several someones in a place I love who share this literary passion of mine is just insanely wonderful.  I hope you all find the same sort of serendipity in the places that you love.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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