Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I'm out of bookshelf space again and the books are stacking up in random places.  I told the Hubbin that I was gonna get new book shelves and he called me bookshelfish...this may have something to do with the fact I keep moving his books off the shelves to make room for mine, but in my defense mine are WAY prettier.  The other issue we have is that I may be out of traditional wall space for new shelves, so here are some space saving book storage ideas that may help me and possibly you out.

Expandable Bookshelf
This bookshelf can expand as I buy new books...It's like a dream come true!
This bookshelf can hang anywhere so wall space is no longer an issue
Elastic Bookshelf
A perfect morphing design to squeeze in anywhere I can find a bit of space
Bookshelf Door
Not only is this practical (I have at four doors I could do this to), but you have the added bonus of instant secret door of awesome!
Sapien Bookshelf
This super stackable shelves essentially fit anywhere you can find a spot...I can imagine my house becoming a forest of these things.

Alrighty, now I have tons of idea's to counter my sweet Hubbin when he tries to tell me we are out of room...and if he is a bit less shelfish MAYBE I'll even give him his own book case...if he gets some better looking books.  Happy Reading Everybody!!!!

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  1. I thought I still had a shelf? Did I lose that one too?