Thursday, August 6, 2015

Highly Inappropriate

If you guys knew how many times I had to stop myself from writing a highly inappropriate post...well you would probably never read this blog again :-)  Seriously though, some day's I have to completely rewrite my post, or at least have somebody with some sort of social decorum read it through.  I am a very candid person and my thoughts and views tend to just pour out with very little filter.  I am sure you have seen this come out a bit in some of my posts, especially my ramblings where I am not shy about talking about...well just about anything.
This sever lack of appropriateness is not at all helped by the sheer variety of books I read and the people I discuss them with (most of my friends are part of the firehouse and have even less of a filter then I do).  All that being said, I am quit proud of myself for keeping the majority of the these posts at a PG-13 or better level and will try to keep the really insane stuff to myself (or at least just share with those who won't have me committed).  Please let me know if I ever go to far...or if you want to see just how crazy I can be.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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