Monday, August 24, 2015

A Game Of TV

Reading random book news today and read that unless a miracle happens, George R.R. Martin will not complete his epic series A Song of Ice and Fire before the HBO TV series does.  The various articles pretty much say that the tv series will finish up long before us readers get our hands on the last books and that it is a possibility that the tv series story and ending will differ from the books...cause they won't be written yet.  For some reason this made me really mad.  Completely unreasonable and petty and a true first world problem, but still...kind of pissed off.  Now to be fair, the show has recently gone WAY off the rails in staying true to the books, so I guess I'm not all that surprised to here they are just gonna go their own way.  My true anger comes from the idea that an author would allow his work to be essentially taken away from him in this way.  The idea that the end of the story has not been written yet (there are at least two books left according to the author) makes me leery to read them when they do come out because a) they will be somewhat spoiled by the tv show, and b) I won't help but feel like the tv show influenced the books instead of the other way around.  Again this is all my own personal gut reaction feelings and that is all they are.  For all I know Mr. Martin already has all his own stuff set in stone somewhere, or he secretly never watches the show...I don't know.  Just thought I would share my two cents :-)  Happy Reading Everybody!

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