Monday, August 3, 2015

Books Bikini's And Booze

I'm back my bookish friends, a wee bit burnt, a wee bit hung over, but very very happy and relaxed.  This is the first real vacation Hubbin and I have taken in ten years and it was much much needed.  Here is a quick rundown of the trip...'cause I'm sure you are all desperate to know every detail teeheehee.
Day 1-My bestie L drove us to Baltimore Harbor to check in.  People kept staring at me 'cause I had a HUGE beach bag full to bursting with books I refused to check, I mean what if I got stuck in line and needed something to read?  Or worse, what if they lost them?!?  Anyways we got on the ship with all my books and promptly got our drink on while waiting for our room to be ready...and maybe got a few chapters in too.
Day 2 - The day started with a mimosa and a hot rock massage and a couple of chapters in one of my books.  We mostly spent the day exploring the ship, reading and sleeping.
Day 3 - We spent the day at the Florida Brewing Company, touring the facility, drinking and playing giant Jenga.  Met some new friends who helped us sneak off to a place with atomic cherries.  What are atomic cherries?  They are cherries that have been soaked in grain alcohol and then eaten...needless to say I don't remember much more about the day...other then I made Hubbin haul around as least three books in the know just in case.
Day 4 -  Nassau was our stop for the day and after a morning of reading and sexiest man alive competition we were ready to explore.  We decided to go off on our own, and man am I glad we did.  The experience was AMAZING! We met locals who were more then willing to talk with us and show all the best places.  My favorites were the Queen's Staircase which has a heartbreaking, yet ultimately redemptive history and the Nassau Public Library which used to be a prison.  This is one of those day's I call a book experience, because I feel like our day could have come right out of the pages of a story.
Day 5 - This day held one of my favorite parts of the whole trip.  I got to hold, hug and kiss a stingray!!!!!!!!!  I don't know why the experience was so insanely awesome for me, I'm not particularly fond of stingrays but for some reason holding one of these big alive creatures was just...I'm not sure, amazing, awesome, different, really really cool.  Sipping rum out of pineapples, snorkeling and getting stung on the butt by a jellyfish finished off this day.
Day 6 - This day was dedicated to reading.  We got into our bikini's and swimsuits told the waiter to keep the drinks coming and read and read and read and read.  I love day's like this because I can get really into a story with no fear of interruption (well except for the drinks).  It was by far the most relaxed I have been in a long time.
Day 7 - Our last day was spent finishing everything up.  I finished my book, we finished spending all our money, met up with our new friends to finish up the atomic cherries and ended the night by finishing annoying the piano guy in our favorite bar.

It was a great vacation spent with an amazing guy doing everything we wanted.  I am sososososo glad we did this and now every time I curl up with my book I expect somebody to be standing there with a drink tee hee hee.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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