Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wandering Through The Woods

The weather has finally taken a turn for the better and to celebrate Hubbin took me on an epic hike today.  As we were walking along, many book related thoughts popped into my busy little brain (yes I think about books almost all the time).  Here are some of them...you know just for fun.
1)  As we were walking in 60 degree weather, the day after a huge ice/snow storm through the middle of the woods I was struck about how much it reminded me of the scene in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe where the White Witches curse is finally broken, winter is fading and spring has finally arrived.  Now to be fair, we only had about 4 weeks of extreme winter, not 100 years...but some days it sure felt like it.  As we were trying our darnedest not to slip on the mushy, icy, muddy ridges it struck me the incredible strangeness of having at least 3 inches of snow and ice on the ground, and wearing a t-shirt with no coat, I like to imagine as I stood in the sun that this is how the characters in the book felt, just a moment of comfort, warmth and contentment in the middle of a really hard situation.  Yeah I'm a dork.
2)  We say this couple with a really great idea that I want to steal.  It was a sheet/hammock type deal that they had tied between two trees to make a resting place to have a little snack.  I found this to be absolutely brilliant.  So many times we have been out in the middle of no where and all I want to do is pull out a book and read in this amazing environment...but I really don't feel like getting my hinney all soaked and dirty.  This is the most perfect solution, a light weight something or another that you can hang from a tree, or spread on the ground, or wherever it would work to cuddle up and read for a while.
3)  The longer we hiked, and the wetter I got, the longer list of books that I wanted to read was building up in my head.  I'm funny like that, I desperately want to be outside and doing things as much as humanly possible...but every time I do, it just reminds me of a book I want to read :-)  All things considered this is not a bad thing, it just makes me wish for more hours in the day to do both.
So that was my day.  I was wet, muddy and incredibly happy all day and once I'm done with this I can go read my books and be even happier.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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