Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Time To Head Outside!

Ahhhh Spring is in the air and it is finally warm enough to head outside to read.  I love reading outside, the sun on my face, the fresh breezes through my hair, the smell of growing things everywhere, adds the perfect atmospheric touch to my spring reading.  Here are some other people/places who obviously agree with me :-)

Outdoor Library
This is the coolest idea ever...I guess I know the next thing on my literary bucket list!
Book Tree
I love the idea of being able to walk up to a tree and "pick" a book
Hollow Log Shelves
I love this mix of urban and nature and of course books!
I love love love this, it's like a bookshelf is growing out of the ground
I see nothing wrong with that :-)

Now that I have added these outdoor libraries to by literary bucket list, I must be off to see if I can't find some books hidden in the trees.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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