Friday, March 13, 2015

Ordering The Chaos...Kind Of

I've been spending some time trying to tidy up my blog, refresh links, update pages, do better tagging, things like that.  It is an ongoing project that will probably never get finished, but a girl has to try right?  One of the things I have been trying to do is see what books I have, what books I've read, what books I've rambled about and what I need to do to update all of the above.  I have found (and this is a common problem among us bibliophiles) is that I own way more books then I remember I have.  Between random book trips, online shopping, and e-books, I easily forget I have certain books
already in my possession, or that I even want to read them in the first place.  To this end, I have been updating my Future Reading List with notations on whether I own the book on my bookshelf, on my Nook, or on my Kindle.  I have also been trying to plan ahead and actually continue or finish up some of the zillions of series I have started and actually like.  Now all of this sounds very good, but it comes with it's own problems.  As I go through my list of TBR books, I have a really bad tendency to stop whatever it is I am doing and start reading any one of the ton's of books I have.  If I can force myself to get past that aspect, I usually end up on TBR books I don't own and then a shopping spree ensues.  My rambling page isn't much better as their are a ton of books I love and am dying to reread, or (and this is one of my quirks) if a new book in a series comes out and I haven't read (or rambled) on the previous books...well I obviously have to reread those as well.   All of this, the changing weather, my random book cravings, and my inability to stay off my favorite review sites leads to more chaos then order when it comes to my books, but in the end, that may be one of the things I love about reading so much, there is no wrong way to do it, just not enough time.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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