Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wrapped In Words

It is COLD out!  Like seriously it's so cold it hurts to breathe, fingers turning blue, ears falling off and that is just going to get my mail cold.  The plus side to all this is that I get to wrap up in a nice warm blanket like one of these and read!
Harry Potter Blanket
Keep track of your minions while you wrap up and read
Alice In Wonderland Blanket
I need this to go with my book pillow...I could get a whole Alice bed set!
Shakespeare Quote Blanket
This blanket will add a bit of wit to your wrap
Pride and Prejudice Blanket
A sweet blanket to curl up under with your sweets
Quote Blanket
The perfect blanket for when you just can't choose a favorite.
Ok I am now going to go and curl up under my own favorite fuzzy blanky until I have to go to work and face the unforgiving stupid cold.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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