Friday, February 13, 2015

Love In The Pages

As the dreaded Valentine's Day approaches, I thought I would take a moment to share with you the men who have always been there for least in written form :-)
Prince Caspian - This prince turned king will always be my first literary love.  He stole my very young heart when I first read Prince Caspian.  He was young, he was royal, and he believed in magic...everything my little heart wanted in a boy.  He continued his spell over me in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, cementing his sailor king self into the number one literary love spot forever!

Alessan - Anne McCaffrey's books hold many of my literary crushes, but Alessan the young Lord Holder of Ruatha in Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern is probably my favorite by just a hair.  He has the look I like (Tall, long dark hair, pretty eyes...looks a lot like my Hubbin actually), the strength to overcome countless tragedies, a sense of duty and best of all a sense of humor.  He became a standard against which I have judged countless real guys...which may explain a couple of things :-)

Mr. Darcy - I think every girl who has picked up a book has had a crush on Mr. Darcy from the wonderful classic Pride and Prejudice.  It is interesting to contemplate why he is so beloved, when he is quite stand offish and border line mean for most of the book.  I think what I personally love about him is his honesty...even when it is painful and his love for Elizabeth's spirit and brain.  As a girl who is a bit on the "spirited" side, I appreciate when a guy likes a girl for who she is.

Jack - This fictional version of one of my authors C.S. Lewis is one of the caretakers in the  Imaginarium Geographica series.  This version of Jack is pretty young, impulsive, imaginative, adventurous, and loyal.  I have fallen in love with this portrayal of a man who in real life has shaped much of my literary likes and dislikes.  It's a bit surreal, a bit weird, but very cool to have this character has part of my bookish life.

Finvarra - The King of the Faeries in The Hunter's Moon is my fantasy guy to a tee.  He is cool, mysterious, wild.  He can fly, he can dance, he can play the violin ( the perfect instrument for a perfect guy).  He is tricky, he is cunning, he is fickle, he would probably be very very bad for a girl in real life, a real heart breaker.  On page though, he is just about perfect. Oh and he wears all black, which back in the day was a definite plus.

The Weasley Twins - I absolutely adore these two tricksters from the Harry Potter Series.  I really really wish I could have gone to school with these guys, I think I would have had a ton of fun.  George and Fred have the perfect balance of fun, smarts, loyalty and charm.  Also they know magic!  How cool would it be to walk into a room with these two on your arms.

Howl - I love Howl's Moving Castle and I really love Howl.  This vain, yet sweet wizard snagged my heart from the first page.  I love his journey throughout the book, showing his ability to change and grow, which is always important in a relationship.  His little vain quirks and his ability to let people be themselves is enduring and fun.  I would love to travel the various worlds with him in his castle and learn all his little secrets.
Sooooo obviously I have a thing for my book men, but I have to admit I got lucky in real life too.  My Hubbin embodies so many of the attributes that have made me fall in love with these fictional guys.  He is my real life Prince Awesome, my Pirate Lover, my Adventure Partner, my Knight in a really great suit.  I love him so much and find that he exceeds my literary lovers in every aspect...except the violin playing...but otherwise he is perfect!  Happy Reading Everybody!

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