Friday, February 6, 2015

Books Everywhere!

Came home from another 12 hour shift last night and had to smile.  After bringing in a book I had mail ordered I then proceeded to toss it on one of the numerous book piles that have seemed to grow up around the house in the last couple of weeks.  The best part is that not all the stacks are mine...nope, some of them are Hubbins.  We have been reading a book together (more on that in future post) that requires a bit of research so we both have current reading books, research books, new books, random books, TBR books, TBB(to be blogged) books, just bought and haven't put away yet books, work books, and whatever other books happened to not be on the overcrowded shelves at the moment books all in random piles all over the house.  I have to admit, it is kind of cool coming home to a house where any surface, ledge, shelf, basket, or remotely flat place has a mixed pile of books just hanging out, like a friend or family member.  It may be messy, it may be disorganizes, but gosh darn it if this isn't exactly what I want my house to look like :-)   Happy Reading Everybody!

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