Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Reading The King

After all of our talk of mythical and legendary figures I now want to go read all of my books that pertain to King Arthur, here are a few of my favorites.
Le Morte D'Arthur
This book is the most "historical" of all the books, it try's to put together all of the disparate historical literature and stories into a cohesive time line.  
The Pendragon Cycle
I love love love this series.  This five book series completely encompasses the entirety of the Arthur story, while lending a bit of history and awesomness.
The Avalon Series
This lush version of the Arthur story is told through the voice of the various women who played a crucial role in this epic tale.  This new perspective is interesting and a wonderful read.
Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica 
This is not a strictly Arthur book, but based in a world that is a conglameration of all the big myths and stories and the Arthur story plays a huge role in the series.  Also it is just an awesome series.

Ok ok so this is not a book, but I love this semi cheesy, totally awesome show about a young Merlin and Arthur :-)
What is your favorite Arthurian tale?  Do you ever get stuck in a reading theme?  Should really great TV and Movies be included in book posts?

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