Friday, July 25, 2014

Friends And Family And Books

Had the best month ever when it comes to books.  Not only did I finish up a couple of absolutely amazingly magical books (get ready for some super rambly rambles) but I got to talk about them with some of my favorite peoples.  Of course you all got stuck reading my excited post on how much fun I had talking books with baby sis, so there was that.  Last week one of my fellow EMT's from the firehouse stopped by and we went through my book shelves book by book and discussed them all...even the Hubbin's books.  She ended up going home with a bunch of my books which makes me excited to discuss them when she is finished (hurry up, I know you have nothing better to do then read non school books :-) )  Hubbin of course is always up for a book discussion and this week we talked about them in relation to the more logical sciences and progress (Think H.G. Wells and Jules Verne).  To top of this month of literary awesomeness I just spent three hours Skyping my Mamma, comparing books, suggesting books, and getting book recommendations.  I love how blessed I am when it comes to people to talk, discuss, suggest, get idea's and so many other things related to my book loves.  Thanks to everybody and my readers (some of which are the same people :-) )  who let me go on and on about my literary love.  Happy Reading Everybody

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