Friday, May 6, 2016

Musical Reading

Hello, I'm SuperBookwormGirl and I'm a music addict.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE music, I love every type of music, every style of music, every era of music.  Music to me is a story.  The lyrics are a poem, the music a medium to ensure I have an emotional connection, music is awesome.  To me listening to music is very similar to reading.  The sound has the ability to take you far away to a place that may or may not be real.  The lyrics can tell a story, or suggest a state of mind.  Music is as varied as books, there are genre's, sub genre's, various musicians with various bodies of works, just like authors.
For me there is an even more direct correlation between music and books.  Sometimes when I hear a certain song, it reminds me of a certain book and it's like a quick 3-5 minute super read, seriously cool.  My taste in music is as varied as my taste in books, in fact I have been told that my ipod sounds like 17 different people own it.  Music is just a story in another form with a different medium delivering the artists thoughts and stories to us the audience.  I love the similarities in the two mediums and I love the differences and now I am going to go to an all day concert and gorge myself of music with my Hubbin and then I'm gonna go home and read all the books that the concert inspired me to pick up.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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