Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Soooo Hubbin and I are in the middle of finding a new place to live, packing up and all that fun stuff that comes with a major change so if my posts are a little spotty we will use this as the excuse.  All this searching for the perfect home has got me thinking...what if I could live in any literary homestead, where would it be.  Here are my top choices...for the moment.
Pride and Prejudice
Pemberley - There are a billion places in Jane Austin's world that I would gladly live forever and ever, but I think Pemberley and it's vast forested estates would have to top even that list.  I am a fan of personal space, and tree's and creek's and streams, and parks, and Colin Firth and drawing rooms...so yeah, this place would fit the bill quit admirably.  I also feel it would be a great place to have guests they could literally have a whole entire wing of rooms, bathrooms, and various entertainment rooms all to themselves ALL the way at the other end of the giant house. Which should keep interpersonal tensions at a low.

Howl's Moving Castle
Howl's Moving Castle - This would be the ideal house for my commitaphobe self.  It moves all over the place, so if I ever had nosy neighbors I could just start my magic fire and head someplace else.  The magic door that leads to different places could give me my variety in life fix.  The ever configuring house itself would ensure that I would never move out of boredom.  Essentially this house was designed for me!  The only hard part would be acquiring a fire demon that didn't drive to hard a bargain to fuel this most perfect of dwellings.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The Magician's House - A sprawling mansion on it's own private island, serviced by beings called Dufflepud's is cool enough, add in infinite rooms filled with various magical trinkets and artifacts and I would be a happy camper.  As an added bonus I could go check out the magic book of amazing spells whenever I wanted.  Double bonus, the property seems to be tailor made for all kinds of parties, from masked balls to the most epic of picnics.  Triple bonus think of all the book shelf space!!!!!!!!

Harry Potter
Hogwarts - Let's be honest...who doesn't want to live at Hogwarts?  I think being a teacher here would be so awesome...of course that means I would have to stop exploring the myriads of hidden passages, extensive grounds, and flying on my hippogriff long enough to actually get to class.  This is one of those places that combines sheer wonderment and magic with a practibility and logic that appeals to me very much.  The biggest down side would be having to share the old place with all those obnoxious kiddos...but I bet my nephews would LOVE to visit me.

Little House in the Big Woods
Little Log Cabin - Ever since I was little I always wanted to live in a little log cabin...or a castle...what can I say I'm a fickle girl.  My love of little cozy places in the middle of tree's probably comes from this book.  I just love the idea of something simple and enchanted where anything can happen.  One to many fairytale's have taught me that if I want adventure and fairies and quests and such I have to start off in my humble abode in the middle of the woods...also epic haunted Halloween house parties!

I am hoping that Hubbin will read this post and find me a house just like one of these...that's not too much to ask is it?  Happy Reading Everybody!

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