Monday, September 21, 2015

Sock It To Me

Fall means boot weather, and what is the best thing in the world to wear with your boots?  Book socks of course.  What the heck are book socks?  These are book socks.
Banned Book Socks
Support the freedom to read while keeping your feet warm
Bookshelf Socks
How cute would these little bookshelves look peeking over a cute pair of ankle boots?
Library Checkout Socks
 A fantastic way to keep the old school library card alive...and keep my toes dry
Bookworm Socks
Have them, wear them, I LOVE THEM!
Book Socks
It's raining books Hallalulah it's raining books!
Ok I'm gonna go put my socks on and curl up with a good book for a few minutes.  Happy Reading Everybody!!!

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